Rob Fitzpatrick · @robfitz · 0044 79404 35340 ·

Author of The Mom Test book about how to talk to customers when everyone is lying to you, which has been taught in 4 of the top 5 global unis[1]. Happy to do bulk orders for a class or event.

I blog about early stage startups including topics such as my dad, handy resources, and the ceo's job.

Based in London working on little tech products and getting back into craft. Happy to give the occasional talk or workshop around Europe[2].

[1] The book has been used for at least one semester at UCL, Imperial, Harvard, and Oxford. A bootleg version is also being given out by an Indonesian university, which I'm quite pleased with. It's got a different cover and everything.

[2] At conferences I usually talk about either customer development or the experience of startup failure. Or I run exec-ed quality workshops on most early stage startup topics with consistent NPS of 90+ through Founder Centric.

Rob Fitzpatrick · @robfitz · 0044 79404 35340 ·